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Season 8


Ling Lings
The Mau family came to the United States from Taiwan and opened several very successful Bay Area restaurants. Then they went one step further and built an empire based on an Asian-inspired appetizer: the dumpling.

Fat Cat Scones
What do you get when you mix flour, sugar, butter, and milk with fresh California fruits and nuts? The answer: a tasty treat that's changing the way people feel about scones.

Egyptian Foods
Californians are proud of their role as the "breadbasket to the world", but one northern African country has the Golden State beat when it comes to early innovations in agriculture. Baba Ghanoush Recipe.

Camel Dairy
We believe we've found the only working camel dairy in the United States. It's in San Diego County, and the milk from this dromedary dairy isn't for human consumption, but for human cleanliness.

Today's Tamales
The people at Today's Tamales say their mission is to combine the nutritional wisdom of the ancient Aztecs with the demands of the modern world. We paid a visit to their factory in Chico to see just what makes their tamales so special.

Spice Hunter
One of our favorite locales is the city of San Luis Obispo. Pat McConahay hit the road to that part of the Golden State recently to go hunting. Her mission, as she chose to accept it, was to discover the world of the Spice Hunter. Grilled Fish with Mango Salsa Recipe.

Obre Verde
Next up, we stay in San Diego County for another crop that is as colorful as the Polito Family's citrus. These gorgeous flowers grow in some unique locales.

Native American Farming
Native American hunters and gatherers found an early home in California and discovered the state's bountiful natural resources.


Pat McConahay discovers gold in the Sierra foothills. It's the town of Columbia, dubbed the "Gem of the Southern Mines" more than a hundred years ago. She shows us that the town and its major hotel haven't lost their historic flavor.

Solano Harvest Trails
What do you get when you mix flour, sugar, butter, and milk with fresh California fruits and nuts? The answer: a tasty treat that's changing the way people feel about scones.

We're coming to you from the Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley…one of the finest inns on the central coast, where a luxurious spa and working vineyard combine to create a delightful destination for body and soul. In many ways Bernardus is a microcosm of the modern day Monterrey Peninsula where agriculture and tourism thrive in splendid harmony.

San Ysidro
As you know we often bring you unusual stories from our generous land, and the often unusual, extraordinary people who put food on our table. Our menu today, not surprisingly, has some unusual features. First, Pat McConahay is off to a coastal retreat in Monteceito with a historic celebrity connection.

Howard Creek
Howard Creek Ranch in Mendocino County is a working farm that doubles as a bed and breakfast. And Pat says it's the perfect place to get lost on a romantic weekend.

Just outside Bakersfield you'll find it, a place called Arvin Federal Government Camp. It's this camp that became known as "Weedpatch Camp" in John Steinbeck's famous novel the The Grapes of Wrath. Join Tim Robinson as he takes us to the camp to meet some of the survivors of one of the hardest times in U.S. history.

Maurice Carrie
Pat traveled to San Diego County to profile a winery that, along with its award-winning vintages, is also winning over customers with its bread and cheese. It's the fancy version of a full meal deal.


High Hill Ranch
This week we're celebrating the holidays as we kick off our show at High Hill Ranch in Apple Hill. With a cup of hot apple cider in hand, it's the perfect place to take in the beauty of the fall season.

Santa's Acres
After you've picked out your tree, you may also want to pick up some holly. Pat found it's a festive, colorful decoration that gets you in the mood for Christmas.

Willie Bird Turkeys
An article in the Wall Street Journal describes these turkeys as "Best overall. Best value." We'll take you behind the scenes at Willie Bird Turkey in Sonoma County to meet the man behind so many great Thanksgiving feasts.

Wild Rice
This edible grass used to be a gourmet treat, but now wild rice can be enjoyed by everyone. Nutty in flavor, and full of vitamins and minerals, it makes a great Thanksgiving Day stuffing. Allison follows wild rice from harvest to the dinner table. Fall River Wild Rice Stuffing Recipe.

Peppermint's botanical name is "mentha piperita" and it comes with a long, impressive history. Used by Greek, Roman and Asian physicians to sooth everything from the common cold to an upset stomach. Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies Recipe, Mint Flavored Ice Cream Recipe.

Foodlink Drivers
The people at California Emergency Foodlink have for years worked tirelessly to feed California's hungry. But we found the people behind this organization offer more than just food; they're giving some a new lease on life. We'll take a look at Foodlink's extraordinary job training program that's getting full-time work to those in need.

Foodlink Update
During the holiday season families all over California celebrate and give thanks, but another great tradition is collectively coming together to help those who are less fortunate. We pay a new visit to the people at Foodlink and learn some simple ways you can make a difference this year.

Mother Lode Orchard
Pay a visit to Mother Lode Orchards, one of Apple Hill's lesser-known gems, a place where visitors can pick up everything from apples to pumpkins and Christmas trees. On our trip we learned how to make a delicious butternut squash and roasted garlic bisque. Butternut Squash & Roasted Garlic Bisque Recipe.


Wine Cruise
Did you know you could cruise the wine country? Join Pat McConahay aboard a small ship that takes passengers to some of the finest wineries the Napa and Sonoma regions have to offer. It's a four-day excursion offering fabulous food, amazing scenery and of course excellent wine tasting!

Domaine Carneros
Cool days and chilly nights are what they say makes the grapes grow so well in the Carneros region. It produces sparkling wine that is great for the holiday season.

San Antonio Winery
George visits the San Antonio Winery, the last fully operational winery in the city of Los Angeles.

Vineyard Compost
You've heard of turning water into wine…Pat McConahay shows us how something else is creating hearty grapes that are making some of the best wines around.

Port Wine Cake
From the Central Valley to the Napa Valley…we explore the secrets of port wine. And we have a delicious recipe for a port wine cake. Chocolate Port Cake with chocolate Sauce Recipe.

Sutter Home Fre
For many Californians, alcoholic beverages are off limits - maybe because of a lifestyle choice or due to pregnancy or for religious reasons. But whatever the reason, one California winery is offering an alternative. The answer is non-alcoholic wine and Pat tastes the fruits of their labor.


Stewards of the Land
Pat McConahay profiles a group of Southeast Asian farmers who are out to battle bad air.

An Innovative Approach
Preserving the environment means not only preserving air, water, and soil on farms and ranches, but safeguarding forests as well. And one of the best examples of how that's done can be found high in the mountains of Plumas County.

A Refuge for Wildlife
We'll take you to a wetlands wildlife oasis near the town of Corning. It's a project that's restoring habitat, luring wildlife and helping a band of Native Americas find new ways to sustain their tribe.

Going Organic
No matter where you are in the world, if you're an almond-lover, chances are your almonds came from California's Central Valley. For one valley almond farmer, living the American Dream means growing almonds the organic way.

Pride of Ownership
We visit the Agriculture & Land Based Training Association (ALBA) in Salinas; an organization helping mostly immigrant farm workers realize their dreams of farm ownership. But this organization is fighting for more than just their farmers. We'll show you how they're leading an effort to save agriculture in the Salinas Valley.

Growing Future Farmer
African American farmers in Fresno are planting the seeds to grow their numbers, as well as finding new ways to sustain the land they love.


Nugget Market
We're taking a focused look at what we eat and the role nutrition plays in our lives. Since most of our nutrition decisions begin at the grocery store, we'll be kicking off our show with stop at the brand new Nugget Market in West Sacramento.

Obese Kids
Childhood obesity is on the rise, leading to a number of medical problems. Pat McConahay takes a look at this growing phenomenon, as a well as a unique school lunch program designed to encourage healthy, low-fat eating.

For years we've known nuts are full of healthy protein, but walnuts offer something more. We'll show you why walnuts are being touted as way to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Salmon Sensation
Allison Lund has come across one of the best salmon recipes we've tasted yet and on top of being delicious we'll discuss its proven health benefits.
Pepper Crusted Salmon with Summer Fruit Salsa Recipe, Pacific Ocean Salmon with Fresh Vegetables Recipe.

Nutrition Confusion
If you keep current with news reports you've probably discovered some mixed messages. It often seems like what's good for you this week was bad for you last. The Heartland staff attempts to clear up part of the controversy over what's healthy to eat.

Pork Profile
Pork is not only versatile, but it also is becoming leaner and therefore a healthier meat alternative. Heartland visits with a Sacramento County pig farmer and a nutritionist to find out why eating pork no longer makes you a "porker." Marinated Pork Tenderloin Recipe.

Earthbound Farm
Pat spent the day at Earthbound Farm and discovered why it's the largest organic produce farming operation in all of North America.

They may be small in size, but they're big in flavor. What are they? Blueberries! And Allison found a farm where they've been growing these sweet treats for over fifty years. Now that we know where to find the blueberries, why not whip up a delicious blueberry pie? We have a recipe that's guaranteed to delight. Blueberry Pie Recipe.


Japan/California Update
Nearly five years ago California Heartland traveled to Japan to ask, "What does the future hold for California products in the Japanese marketplace?" Now we revisit this question to see what has changed...and some of the newest trends may surprise you.

Shopping Days
We'll discover what the Japanese want from California and how those products get there. But Pat wanted to find out more about one little, red, ripe juicy item on sale at a Tokyo supermarket.

Bento Boxes
The pace of life for people in Japan is increasing so rapidly that there is a new demand for a style of fast food that relies heavily on the Golden State. Pat keeps pace with this fast-moving trend.

California's climate is just right for making sake because of cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Pat tours the Gekkeikan state-of-the-art facility in Folsom to see how the sake brewing process has changed since it was invented more than 360 years ago in Fushimi, Japan.

Sushi School
Pat traveled to Los Angeles to try her hand at becoming a sushi chef. Did you know there's a school for that? There is and California Heartland takes you there.

Honda Food Museum
In the town of Marysville, one Japanese firm, Shoei Foods, is not only feeding the body, but through its cross-cultural outreach, it's also feeding the soul.


Villa Toscano & Bella Piazza
This week we're coming to you from a couple of Amador County's best wineries. Pat will give you an up close look at how Villa Toscano & Bella Piazza bring a taste of Tuscany to the Heartland.

Sunset Dinner Train
It features 4-star food for regular folks, spectacular California landscapes and it's all aboard a locomotive steeped in Heartland history. We'll take you to the historic town of McCloud for a ride on the Sunset Dinner Train.

Corn Maze
Allison visits what's quickly becoming a favorite ag pastime: winding your way through mazes cut out of California cornfields. It's harder than it looks, and can even be a bit scary.

Fall & Winter Festivals
The fall and winter months are a great time to catch some fantastic festivals in California's Heartland. We'll show you where and when you can find some of the state's best.

Santa Cruz Farm Trails
George hits the road again to take us to Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties on a favorite California farm tour.

Chileno Valley Ranch
We found a couple that turned an eyesore of an old farmhouse into an eye-opener. The transformation is so spectacular they've opened their doors to visitors for overnight stays and hearty breakfasts.

Ikeda's is a Heartland favorite and a great place to bring your family.

Mission San Luis Rey
Our show begins with a delightful story in San Diego County, at a California mission that you may not know about, but you'll definitely want to visit. Our tour guide at Mission San Luis Rey: one of the heartland's funniest friars, unforgettable Brother Mo.

Sights & Sounds - Ivan Najera
It's our own brand of music video featuring local artists and panoramas. This week we're pleased to present the music of Ivan Najera.


This week we're paying another visit to one of California's greatest treasures: Catalina Island. We'll take a look at the island's rich history and we'll check in on some of the quirky characters we've visited in years past.

Botanical Gardens
Since 1935 the Catalina Botanical Garden has been a protected oasis for a variety of plant species including many endangered varieties, found naturally only on Catalina Island. We'll bring you along for a fascinating look at this incredible garden.

California Tropics
We've covered a number of unusual crops - banana plantations in the southern part of the state and farmers who grow macadamia nuts and mangoes. But at California Tropics we stumbled upon a crop that's so new to us; we just had to put it on the show! Southwest Cherimoya-Chicken Salad Recipe. Tropical Cherimoya Fruit Compote Recipe.

Rosie Cadman
The island of Catalina is known for being quaint and just a little bit quirky…and that just about sums up Rosie Cadman.

Channel Island
Allison Thompson went to sea to visit the Channel Islands off the California Coast. We'll show you what she found there and what the Heartland has to offer just twenty miles off the mainland.

El Rancho Escondido
One of the hidden jewels on Catalina Island is El Rancho Escondido, which means, "lost ranch." So how did Arabian horses and North American buffalo make their way to an island 22 miles off the California coast? Pat McConahay will take you behind the scenes of this historic ranch.


We're coming to you from the PAWS ranch in the town of Galt near Sacramento. "PAWS" stands for "Performing Animal Welfare Society" and we'll take you inside their new facility located in the Sierra Foothills.

Miniature Donkeys
They're cute, cuddly and utterly irresistible. More and more people are discovering the magic of miniature donkeys. Pat McConahay introduces you to a woman who says her herd of tiny equines has changed her life.

Goats R Us
With more than four thousand "kids" under her care Terri Oyarzun might be one of the busiest moms around. We'll show you how her business of using goats to clear overgrown brush has truly become a family affair.

Sheep Dog School
It's a ranch that's slightly different than what you might imagine, you might even say its gone to the dogs. "Drummond Ranch" is a mecca for dog owners who want to unlock their pet's inner herder, and as it happens "herding" is the country's fastest growing dog sport.

Border Collies: Update
Perhaps you've seen that bumper sticker, the one that says, "My Border Collie Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student"? As we'll show you, the statement might not be that far from the truth.

Miniature Horses
They're probably the cutest animals you'll ever see: short and sweet miniature horses. Find out where they come from, how they got to be so small, and where you can see them up close.

Abandoned Animals
This week we profiled animal lover, Lynne Tingle. Lynne used to spend her days advising customers about interior design at the trendy Berkeley store, The Gardener. But after ten years in the retail business Lynne decided animals were her true passion and in 1994 left city life and established the Milo Foundation, a no-kill animal sanctuary, in rural Mendocino County.


Railroad Garden
Two of America's favorite hobbies are combined into one for double the pleasure. Pat McConahay takes you inside the small world of model trains and their miniature landscapes.

Greenhouse Veggies
Hans Wilgenburg grows 70-thousand boxes of cucumbers a year, but these aren't your average field cucumbers. We'll show you how some unique growing techniques are helping Hans craft the perfect cucumber.

Simpson's Nursery
Quite a few years back, a businessman by the name of Hal Simpson decided to retire from the nursery business. So what did he do? He opened up another nursery. But as Dave found out, this wasn't going to be any ordinary nursery, because old man Simpson knew how to have fun!

Garden Sculptor
Pat McConahay introduces you to a man who traded government for the garden. Larry Meeks creates works of art to adorn your yard.

Garden Gnomes
Over the years California Heartland has visited some of the state's greatest gardens, Filoli Gardens, the garden of the La Playa Hotel and the gardens of Hearst Castle just to name a few. And on some of our gardening adventures, there's a character we keep running into. Maybe you've seen him in your home garden as well.

Junior Senior Gleaners
Zachary Marks and brothers Kyle and Dainen McDaniel are not your typical teens. We'll show you how they started a gleaning operation that is harvesting a lot of good will in the foothills.


The Downtown Farmers Market at Cesar Chavez Park
To kickoff California Heartland's 8th season, we're coming to you from the heart of Downtown Sacramento. Every Wednesday, tucked in between the Sacramento's tallest buildings, you'll find one of the best farmer's markets around.

Update: Brother Casimir
During the eight years that California Heartland has been on the air, we've met some extraordinary people. One of our favorites is a Trappist monk and walnut farmer. His "joie de vivre" — joy of living — is so infectious we thought we'd pay him another visit.

Nan McEvoy
Pat McConahay brings us the story of a one-of-kind woman who's done it all. Now she tries farming after a life in the fast lane. And once again, what she touches turns to gold.

Chester Aaron's Garlic
For 80 years there has been one main ingredient…and a single dominant theme in Chester Aaron's life… garlic. On this edition of California Heartland we'll take you to Occidental in Sonoma County where Chester Aaron grows nearly a hundred different varieties of garlic. But even more amazing than the sheer volume are the incredible life experiences he shares, and garlic has been a part of them all.

Update: Garlic & Potatoes
We first visited Chester Aaron in the fall of 2003…so what's new with specialty garlic? Has it become more popular? Is it easier to find? We'll answer these questions and introduce you to a Lodi farmer who has seen his business changed forever by specialty garlic. And, he'll show you garlic recipe that's almost too good to be true. Recipe: The Garlic & Potato Farmer's Lunch

Coopers Nut House
A Fallbrook man is capable of teaching a college course called "Macadamia 101." Tom Cooper not only sells macadamia nuts, but the entire trees and the equipment needed to harvest them.

Sons of the San Joaquin
There is a refrain that goes, "say it with music." The Sons of the San Joaquin are telling the story of the heartland in their music, carrying the message around the world. We had the pleasure of meeting "the Sons" as they toured the Carmel Valley.



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