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Episode 901 - Heritage of the Heartland: Jessie's Grove Winery  

Heritage of the Heartland
Heritage of the Heartland
Heritage of the Heartland

Every other week, “Heritage of the Heartland” uncovers the roots of California’s oldest farming families. Telling the stories of how their business became what it is today—thanks to the hard work and dedication passed down through generations.

Like most of the 65 wineries in the Lodi area, Jessie’s Grove is family-owned and operated. Typically, the business carries on through the brothers, sons and grandsons of a founding patriarch. At Jessie’s Grove, however, we’ll hear from Jessie’s Grand-Daughter Wanda Woock Bechtold about the woman in her family who played an important role in building this grand family winery.

We’ll also meet Jessie’s Great Grandson Greg Burns, who has lovingly given that heritage a home in their business today. And we’ll hear from Jessie’s Great Great Granddaughter Jessica Burns, how the next generation is getting ready to play a role in the family business, by learning how to make wine at a very young age.

Reporter Chris Burrous visits Jessie’s Grove Winery, to share the stories and learn about the heritage that has been passed down from one generation to the next.



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