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Episode 901

    California Heartland’s Melanie Kim visits Clear Lake where fears about the invasive Quagga Mussel have both water officials and farmers nervous. This tiny creature has become a billion dollar problem around the country, colonizing and clogging drinking water pipes and agriculture irrigation systems. We’ll join the California Department of Fish and Game as they educate the public and detect these invasive organisms by using trained dogs to sniff and snuff out the problem!
    Then, former pro baseball player, George Cecchetti hits a home run by starting his own olive oil company - Cecchetti Olive Oil. Visit George and his fiancée Karen Chandler in their Lodi home where they first decided to swap baseballs for bottles!
    Next, Food and Lifestyle expert Laura McIntosh is “Bringing it Home” as she and guest chef, Rajko Marin from the Tadich Grill in San Francisco cook up a traditional ciopinno stew using California fresh seafood! 
    Finally, in “Heritage of the Heartland” Chris Burrous gets to know the family behind Jessie’s Grove Winery. Here, generation after generation of women have worked to preserve and keep the ranch and vineyard alive.
    And-in “HomeGrown” discover useful gardening tips from Master Gardener Fred Hoffman. We visit the Fair Oaks Horticultural Center in Fair Oaks where Fred helps you pick drought tolerant plants that provide big beauty and big savings on your water bill!

California Heartland

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Invading our waters Invading Our Waters
Two of California’s most important resources – irrigated agriculture and drinking water are facing a major threat by a new invasive species–the Quagga mussel. Zebra mussels and its relative, the Quagga are the size of a thumbnail, non-native, and have already been detected in California waters.
Major League Olive Oil Major League Olive Oil
George Cecchetti’s first professional career was a MLB player for the Cleveland Indians. He eventually retired from baseball and started his second professional career as a small business owner, then later became the coach of Tokay High school’s baseball team. But in 2005, George’s professional life changed once again, when he and fiancée, Karen Chandler, bought a Lodi property that’s home to a grove of 100 year old olive trees.
Bringing It Home: Cioppino Bringing It Home: Cioppino
Food and Lifestyle Expert Laura McIntosh meets up with renowned chef Rajko Marin from the Tadich Grill in San Francisco. Together they cook up a pot of fresh California seafood in the grill’s traditional Cioppino style Italian stew.
Heritage of the Heartland Heritage of the Heartland: Jessie’s Grove Winery  
Every other week, “Heritage of the Heartland” uncovers the roots of California’s oldest farming families. Telling the stories of how their business became what it is today—thanks to the hard work and dedication passed down through generations.
Homegrown Homegrown: Planting Native   
Join Master Gardener, Fred Hoffman as he takes us around the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center in Sacramento to teach us all how to save money by planting drought tolerant California native plants.


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