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Episode 902 - Corralling Cow Power   

Corralling Cow Power
Corralling Cow Power
Corralling Cow Power

Driving along Interstate 5 it’s hard to ignore the pungent odor of cow manure! Mounds and mounds of the stuff produced by thousands of cows residing in California dairies has made headlines as an enemy of the environment — because cow manure naturally gives off methane gas.

Meet the minds behind BioEnergy Solutions a new company that’s found a way to keep some of that methane gas out of the air- and actually save our resources, by turning cow waste into renewable energy! David Albers, BioEnergy Solutions’ founder and third generation dairyman at Vintage Dairy, took the bull by the horns and created a way to turn 120 pounds of manure produced each day, into power. It was Albers’ ideas and the brainpower of Doug Williams, Chief Technology Officer of BioEnergy Solutions, that made this a reality and a business model that’s now spreading from dairy to dairy.

BioEnergy Solutions teamed up with PG&E who became the first utility company in California to use biogas. And Vintage Dairy will produce 200,000 cubic feet of methane gas per day for PG&E – which they say is enough to meet the energy needs of approximately 1,200 homes a day. 

Join California Heartland’s Jennifer Harrison as she gets dirty in the dairy and finds out exactly how this Cow Power is made!


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