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California Heartland

Episode 903
   Reporter John Lobertini takes us to the small Sierra town of Georgetown—where inmates are fighting wildfires and caring for our forests. Life-style expert, Laura McIntosh and guest Chef Dana Jaffe prepare a fabulous side dish, three potato gratin. Meet a woman who traded her Hollywood producing career for a life making ice cream from goat’s milk. Heritage of the Heartland reporter John Alston introduces you to the Swickard family ranch, where an interstate highway system almost took the cattle producers off the map. Master Gardener Kristine Hanson shows you the homegrown remedies of lavender.

California Heartland

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Forest Reform

Forest Reform  
Most people are aware that California agriculture provides a long list of food and textiles we use on a daily basis. But you usually don’t think of trees as having a place on that list. 

Bringing It Home: Three Potato Gratin Bringing It Home: Three Potato Gratin  
Food and Lifestyle Expert Laura McIntosh meets up with chef, Dana Jaffe, of Saddles Steakhouse In Sonoma. Together they create an appetizing Three Potato Gratin dish using Russet potatoes.
Milk of an Udder Kind

Milk of an Udder Kind   
When you think of ice cream, you probably think of cows. but it’s time for them to moooove over, because there’s a new kid on the block: Laloos Goat Milk Ice Cream!

Heritage of the Heartland: Five Dot Beef  Heritage of the Heartland: Five Dot Beef  
For five generations, the Swickard’s family business included grain, livestock and some fruit trees, but mainly focused on raising horses during their time in the 1850’s Santa Clara Valley. 
Homegrown: A Love for Lavender Homegrown: A Love for Lavender   
Rows of scented lavender are a common sight in Europe. Lavender grows wild in the Mediterranean so it’s no wonder it has become a very common but romantic landscape plant here in California with our Mediterranean weather.


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