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Episode 905 - The Chicken Man  

The Chicken Man
The Chicken Man
The Chicken Man

Carl Hunter raises exotic chickens at his home in the hills of Silverlake, an artsy and eclectic area in Los Angeles.  Carl says he used to visit his grandfather’s farm as a small boy and ever since, he’s been fascinated by these domestic friends. Now he raises these chickens as pets, he collects and eats the freshest eggs anywhere!

His breeds include: Americanas, Barred Rock, Black Sex Link, Sicilian Buttercup and Silver Sebright Bantam Buff. 

The colors of the eggs are amazing! The various breeds give him a variety of shell colors. The colors range from white to brown to pink or pale blue and green or olive — even to dark chocolate!

Carl says “standard brown eggs do not exhibit the brown coloration all the way through the shell, but the shells of Americana chickens are colored all the way through (pink, green, blue or olive).”

Carl and his partner Dan eat the eggs, and he takes the extra eggs to a   raffle every Sunday at his church. It’s become a big hit and the money collected from the raffle helps buy other food items such as fresh produce to help feed the poor and hungry. 

According to Carl, raising poultry in Los Angeles is easier than people would think. He says to legally keep poultry in Los Angeles; chickens must be kept 20 feet away from your house, and hens 35 feet away from neighboring homes.  100 feet if you have a rooster. 

One challenge is security. Carl says, “I want my poultry to be free range as often as possible. With adequate fencing, dogs and coyotes are kept away.  However, a recent predator almost killed one of my hens:  an enormous hawk, which returns frequently to look for fresh meat!  Shortly, I hope to re-configure my pens and exercise different areas so that hawks are much less likely to eat to them.”

Carl puts all of his own time, energy and money into his chicken farm. Now he is happy he’s found a way to raise his pets, eat free-range organic eggs and bring his community together to raise money for the needy.

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