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Episode 906 - The Jam Family  

The Jam Family
The Jam Family
The Jam Family

E. Waldo Ward & Son Jam Company is known for making the best jam in Southern California. Not sold in large supermarkets or grocery stores, the E. Waldo Ward & Son Jam is sold in a small gift shop in Sierra Madre. 

The jam is derived from old fruit trees on the Ward’s property which is the driving force behind this old farming company that started in the late 1800’s by E. Waldo Ward.  Today, Jeff Ward, the great grandson of E. Waldo Ward is running the family business and carrying on the tradition of making fresh homemade jam.

The business underwent the Great Depression and other hardships, but only continues to evolve over the years. Now, the fourth generation of the Ward family is helping out with fresh jam making. The business has continued its running passion for jam made from only fresh fruit, high standards and close knit family ties. 

Traditions run deep in this family business, some of the original equipment, like their 70 year old fruit chipper, is still being used to this day. E. Waldo Ward & Son has also begun to branch out, producing other fine foods, such as barbecue sauce, for their wholesale business. 


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