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Episode 909 - Heritage of Our Heartland: Rice Relatives  

Heritage of Our Heartland: Rice Relatives
Heritage of Our Heartland: Rice Relatives
Heritage of Our Heartland: Rice Relatives

Lundberg Family Farms is one of the largest producers of organic rice in the country. By design, today’s company is lead by the third generation of Lundbergs. Previously, the company was lead by the second generation Lundberg brothers. We’ll meet the four brothers as well as the third and fourth generations of Lundbergs. 

Oldest brother Eldon tells us about who their parents were, why they came to California and why they became rice farmers. Brothers Wendell and Harlan talk to us about what their parents taught them and how those values guide the company today. Brother Homer talk to us about why the business continues to be family owned and operated and how that’s been a factor in their success.   Third generation and Chair of the Board of Directors Jessica, will talk to us about who the family players are in today’s business. And 17 year old, fourth generation Lars will talk to us about how the upcoming generations can figure out if they have a place in the family business. 

The family history starts with 40 acres purchased by the Lundbergs when they still lived in Nebraska. Lundberg Grandfather Albert and wife Frances, along with the four boys ditched dustbowl ravaged Nebraska in search of a new life on those 40 acres. One problem, the land was completely unproductive until they discovered rice. So at the age of 48, Albert taught himself how to farm a completely new crop which presented many challenges. Sons Eldon, Wendell, Harlan and Homer worked the land with their parents learning how to turn the many challenges into solutions and helped build their reputation as innovators. 




Additional Info:

Lundberg Family Farms
5370 Church Street
P.O. Box 369
Richvale, CA 95974
(530) 882-4551

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