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Episode 912 - Fit Fast Food  

Fit Fast Food

Fit Fast Food

Jason Brown and a few of his friends and colleagues were tired of only finding fast, unhealthy, fattening food as an option while working or on the go. Brown and his friends say they were inspired to start his company “Organic To Go” after getting a mediocre unhealthy boxed lunch during a business meeting –and ironically, the meeting was about organic food! Starting this business was natural because Jason and the rest of the bunch all have something in common, they all had worked in the natural products industry, had very busy schedules and desired good yet healthy food – but fast. That's how Organic To Go came about in late 2004 and in Los Angeles there are 100 locations.

"Organic to go" is in L.A., Orange County, San Diego & Seattle. It's organic "fast food" found at kiosks and cafes. The company also has a catering division for the business. They say “they're proud to be America’s first fast-casual café and certified organic retailer.”

The cafes are located in office towers and business districts making it convenient for workers to grab a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack. Some cafes are smaller and focus on grab and go. They have a signature wall fountain, which Brown says, “creates a peaceful oasis away from the hectic atmosphere of the office.”

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