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Episode 912 - Four Course Compost  

Four Course Compost
Four Course Compost
Four Course Compost

From table scraps to compost facility - food compost is made and used to grow safe, nutrient rich crops in farms around California. These crops make their way back to the table, which closes the full circle of this recycling process. 

Californians throw away more than 5 million tons of food scraps each year, which is 16 percent of all disposed materials going into landfills from businesses, residents and institutions such as schools and prisons. Jepson prairie organics and Golden Gate Disposal and Recycling are working together to recycle these food scraps.

Robert Reed walks California Heartland’s Toan Lam through the 10 step process at Jepson Prairie Organics in Dixon, this is where organic compost is made.  Animal manure or other factors that could potentially cause disease or bacteria breakouts are not used here. Only cantaloupe skins, fish bones, coffee grinds and cardboard. Everyday 300 tons of scraps are delivered by Golden Gate Disposal and Recycling to Jepson Prairie. The scraps come from more than 2,100 high end restaurants in San Francisco and the Bay area. This massive amount scraps and garbage is recycled, and in a 60 day process, becomes fresh compost- rather than piling up at on our landfill.

Toan also visits Nigel Walker of EatWell Farm in Dixon. Nigel says that prior to using recycled food scrap compost, he was uneasy about the compost that he was using from animals - afraid of salmonella breakouts. Recycled compost is safe and natural. The compost also improves crops. It produces bigger,  and more colorful crops such as tomatoes.

Boulevard Restaurant in San Francisco is only one of the 2,100 restaurants that contribute their table and food scraps. Each day the restaurant staff works together to separate scraps and prepare them for pick up. In turn, they purchase fresh tomatoes and produce from the EatWell stand at the San Francisco Farmer’s Market to use in their famous cuisines- which completes the full circle.  


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