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Episode 913 - Invasive Weed Invasion  

Invasive Weed Invasion
Invasive Weed Invasion
Invasive Weed Invasion

Weeds, they may seem harmless or simple, but there’s a new generation that can be catastrophic to California, invasive weeds.

Across California these invasive plants can take over. They impact us agriculturally- damaging wildlands, displacing native plants and wildlife, increasing wildfire and flood danger, consuming valuable water, degrading recreational opportunities and destroying productive range and timber lands.  

California Heartland’s Jennifer Harrison meets Stewart Nelson, the President of All Seasons Weed Control. Stewart says one particular invasive is Yellow Starthistle, which is invading crops and pastures across the state. 

Yellow Starthistle found it’s way to California hundred of years ago by way of Chile. Today it’s estimated that millions of dollars a year are lost in the agriculture world due to this invasive weed.

  • It interferes with animals grazing
  • It injures animals
  • It can kill horses if ingested over an extended period of time
  • Reduces wildlife habitat
  • Depletes soil moisture
  • It’s the number one roadside weed problem in California
  • It can impact orchards and vineyards
  • Reduce land values
  • Reduce access to recreational areas
Mike Seghezzi understands the toll Yellow Starthistle can take. He owns a large piece of property in Nevada City, California that’s been in his family for generations. Indian artifacts have been found here and now he’s in the process of restoring the land. That means getting rid of Yellow Starthistle.

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