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Episode 914 - Major League Olive Oil  

Major League Olive Oil
Major League Olive Oil
Major League Olive Oil

George Cecchetti's first professional career was playing major league baseball for the Cleveland Indians. The Lodi, California native eventually retired from pro ball and started his second professional career as a small business owner when he opened a fly fishing shop (The Real Fly). He later became the coach of Tokay High school’s baseball team–his alma mater.

But In 2005, George's professional life changed once again, when he and fiancée, Karen Chandler, bought a Lodi property that’s home to a grove of 100 year old olive trees. Those trees inspired them to start what has become a second life for both; high quality olive oil producers. 

2006 was their first harvest and it turned out better than expected. Neither George nor Karen had farming experience. But now they do most of the work themselves – growing, harvesting, bottling for individual customers (large bottling for retail client done by a bottler), product delivery, marketing and still have outside careers as well. George's 14 year old son, Georgie is very hands-on in the business too. 

We visit the Cecchetti’s farm as well as a winery where their delicious flavored olive oil is now sold and sampled. It's an inspirational story of two people—reinventing themselves in the California Heartland.

The oil is currently available for sale at Sheri's Sonshine Nutrition Center in downtown Lodi or directly from Cecchetti Olive Oil, Co. or order online.

Additional Info:
Cecchetti Olive Oil, Co.
Lodi, CA 95242
Phone: 209.369.6868
 or 916.302.6234
Fax: 209.366.6868


Sheri's Sonshine Nutrition Center
6 N. School Street,
Lodi, CA 95240
On the Corner of School & Pine in Downtown Lodi

Mon-Fri: 9-6:00
Sat: 10-5:00
Sun: 12:30-4:30

209-368-4800(Lodi/Outside CA)
800-326-5555(Inside CA)


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