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Episode 915 - Fast Lives, Slow Food  

Fast Lives Slow Food
Fast Lives Slow Food
Fast Lives Slow Food

Slow food it’s not the latest diet trend to chew slow and lose pounds, it’s about eating fresh and healthy foods and taking the time to enjoy food. It’s a way to get families to sit down and enjoy a nice meal at the dinner table and celebrate the diversity of the earth's bounty

Toan Lam begins our slow food adventure at a dinner party hosted by Slow Food Nation Executive Director Anya Fernald. We’ll see how the concept hits the dinner plate and learn how she practices what she preaches in her own kitchen.

Toan Lam digs deep to where the movement is really setting roots – San Francisco’s City Hall. That’s where the San Francisco based Slow Food Nation organization, which promotes its namesake, has planted an old fashioned edible victory garden.

The goal of the garden is to educate people through taste, advocate sustainability and connect you with your food.

At the garden, Toan meets John Bela a garden manager who shows us what the garden has to offer and how it plays an integral part of Slow Food Nation.  On our visit, harvest will be underway – the bounty of the garden gets loaded onto the trucks for delivery to the San Francisco Food Bank. That’s where we meet Paul Ash, the food bank’s executive director who shows us what this donation means to the food bank and those who receive the food.


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