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Episode 918 - Growing Graduates  Watch Video

Growing Graduates Growing Graduates
Growing Graduates
Growing Graduates

Forty years ago, U.C. Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems began as a student garden project by renowned master gardener Alan Chadwick. That project grew into what many experts consider the premier organic farming – and gardening program in the country. 

Graduates who go through the Farm and Garden Program are apprentices for six-months where they spend time working and learning how to farm. By the end of the program graduates learn all about organic and sustainable farming practices.

California Heartland’s John Lobertini gets to know a few of the apprentices, who all come from farming families. Find out how each apprentice plans to pursue their farming dreams.

During our visit, students will be at work in the field doing some harvest for the next day’s market, working the garden to transition from summer crops to fall/winter plantings. They also enjoy a lunch break where the group cooks and eats what they grow,

Farm Garden Manager Christof Bernau, talks to Lobertini about the importance of learning and working on the farm and how it impacts the way we all eat. We also sit in on one of Christof’s farming classes - where book learning here takes place under a black walnut tree.


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