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Episode 918 - Homegrown: How to Fight Frost 


Master Gardener, Kristine Hanson dishes tips on how to keep your plants safe from the harsh winter months and out of frost’s way!

Tips to keep your plants safe from frost:

  • First of all you need to have a thermometer; you can get types that have alarms on them to alert you when temperatures begin to fall.
  • Bubble wrap can be used around potted plants to keep soil, roots and pots warmer.
  • Burlap bags are heavy and can be draped over sturdy shrubs and trees.
  • Newspaper or cardboard will work for more fragile plants like geraniums.
  • Sheets can be hung over posts or stakes in the vegetable garden.  Make sure the sheets don’t touch the plants, the moisture or dew can freeze them to your leaves.
  • Frost-damaged leaves appear water-soaked, wither, and turn dark brown or black.
  • Unprotected, sensitive young trees may be killed, but frost rarely kills mature trees in California.
  • Fans you used during summer months to keep you cool can be used to keep plants warm during the winter. These need to be kept undercover and out of the wet weather. Turn them on when temperatures are real close to 32 degrees. The moving air will keep temps up a bit.
  • For smaller plants that can’t be moved indoors to a sunny window sill use glass greenhouses like these or simple jars or milk cartons.

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