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Episode 919 - Bringing It Home: Corn Pudding  

Bringing It Home
Bringing It Home: Corn Pudding
Bringing It Home: Corn Pudding

Janine Falvo from Carneros Bistro and Wine Bar at the Lodge in Sonoma join Laura McIntosh and together they make corn pudding!

Corn Pudding Recipe
Recipe Courtesy of Executive Chef Janine Falvo, Carneros Bistro and Wine Bar at The Lodge at Sonoma

3 Each Ears of White Corn
3 Each Shallots, brunoise
1½ Cups Heavy Cream
1 Cup Half and Half
6 Each ½” slices of Brioche Bread, buttered and toasted
3 Each Egg Yolks
3 Each Egg Whites
2 Cups Mascarpone
2 Tbsp Chervil, chopped
½ Bunch Chives, minced small
¼ Lb. Butter
½ Cup Flour

Shuck and silk corn, cut the corn off of the cobs.

Sauté corn and shallots until corn is tender.

In a large sauce pot, reduce half and half and heavy cream by half.

In a separate pot, melt butter and add flour and make a blonde roux and cook for 3 minutes.

In a large bowl add roux, and cream and whisk until smooth. Add corn, mascarpone, herbs and egg yolks.

Break up brioche toast in small pieces and fold into cream mixture.

Beat egg whites to stiff peaks and gently fold into the pudding batter. The egg whites should be visible.

Butter 8 soufflé cups. Fill to the edge. Place in 2” hotel pan, with a water bath. And bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Check with a skewer for doneness.

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Bringing It Home


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