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Episode 919 - Heritage of Our Heartland: A Century of Farming 

Heritage of Our Heartland
Heritage of Our Heartland: A Century of Farming
Heritage of Our Heartland: A Century of Farming

Alven Webster Wohlford moved to Escondido in the late 1800’s as a banker and started the Escondido National Bank. Since Citrus farming was the thing to do, Alven bought a ranch. At the time, farmers used wooden flumes (canals) when they wanted to water, but money soon became an issue. Flumes wore out and people didn’t repair them and this gave Alven an idea. His idea was to put gates on valves to lock it and those who bought stocks of shares in his new company, the “Escondido Water Company” –had access to water. In addition to running bank, and farm, he ran the water company.  Alven died in 1926 and Alvan’s wife died in 1948.

Alven’s son Burnet Sr. (aka B.Ç.) took over the ranch and water company and ran the company for 50 years.  The interesting thing about B.C was he almost went into a completely different direction than farming. After college, he went to Stanford for Law School and after the WWI decided he was going to move to New York and become a big time attorney. Sadly, doctors told him his eyesight would go bad if he became a lawyer and  he’d probably go blind. That changed everything. 

He moved back to Escondido to run the family farm. Burnet Senior’s son Burnet Jr. (aka Tigger) is alive today and is 80 years old. 

Today, Burnet Wohlford III, who actually goes by “Burnet” owns and operates Heritage Ranch Management. Jennifer Quinonez meets the Wohlford family and learns about their history.


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