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Episode 921 - Bringing It Home: Nectarine Soup  

Bringing It Home
Bringing It Home: Nectarine Soup
Bringing It Home: Nectarine Soup

Food and Lifestyle Expert, Laura McIntosh meets John Jackson from MIX restaurant in West Hollywood. Together they show you how to do something unique with nectarines, make a soup! Eat it chilled with raspberry puree as a side or snack, however you do it- you can do it in your own home!

Nectarine Soup Recipe
Serves 2
Recipe Courtesy of Executive Chef John Jackson MIX Restaurant,
West Hollywood, CA

6 Each      Nectarines
Olive Oil    Just enough to keep the fruit from sticking
Pepper to taste

Simple Syrup
1 Cup       Granulated Sugar
1 Cup       Water
Raspberry Coulis (Garnish)
2 Each      Baskets, Raspberries
1 Cup       Granulated Sugar
1 Cup       Water


Cut the Nectarines in ½ and remove the pit. After pit has been removed cut the nectarine halves into fourths.

Simple Syrup:
In a thick bottom pot, add one cup granulated sugar and one cup water. Bring up to a boil (375°). And then turn down to a simmer (186°). Let simmer for five to seven minutes. Remove from heat and cool.

Bring Syrup back to a boil, and then turn down to a simmer. Add the sliced nectarines to the syrup remove from heat and puree to soup consistency.  Strain and let cool in the refrigerator. 

Add the Raspberries to the chilled simple syrup. Puree and strain. Pour a small amount over the Nectarine soup as a garnishment.

Additional Info:
Bringing It Home

MIX Restaurant

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