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Episode 922 - The Laundered Garden  

The Laundered Garden
The Laundered Garden
The Laundered Garden

When even the most casual of foodies hears the restaurant name “The French Laundry” images of succulent, yummy goodness plated to perfection is what’s conjured up in their minds. The restaurant name has become synonymous with the finest of fine dining and carries a 3-star Michelin rating. 

The driving force behind the culinary excellence is restaurant founder/owner Thomas Keller.  Keller has created a  relationship between his kitchen and a garden that sits directly across the street which is called, The French Laundry Culinary Garden. 

Keller decided he liked the idea of having a custom garden at his kitchen’s disposal. So, a full-time culinary gardener was sought out and hired.
Today the garden provides specialty items for The French Laundry as well as Keller’s other Yountville properties. They also mail produce to Keller’s restaurants in Las Vegas and New York. 

California Heartland  visits the garden and there we meet culinary gardener Tucker Taylor.

We’ll also check out the nearby orchard and meet farming dentist Peter Jacobsen. And French Laundry’s Chef de Cuisine Corey Lee and see how he makes magic—on a fork.

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